Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing & Owning a Kinetico System

Purchasing And Owning A Kinetico

Where can I purchase a new Kinetico system, or buy replacement parts or filters for a system I own currently?

Simple! If you’re considering purchasing a new Kinetico system for your home, you can Request a Quick Quote from your local Kinetico specialist who will contact you with prices and options. Alternatively, or if you need replacement parts, you can use our online locator to find your local Kinetico water specialist who will be able to help you obtain replacement parts, including filter cartridges.

Can I purchase replacement parts or filters directly from Kinetico?

No, we don’t sell directly to the public. You will need to contact your local Kinetico water expert who will have access to replacement parts and consumables, including filter cartridges. Your Kinetico water specialist is fully trained and factory authorized to ensure your system is repaired properly.

I own a Kinetico system currently and it needs service, who can I call?

It’s preferable to contact the same Kinetico water specialist who sold and installed your system. However, all local Kinetico water specialists are fully trained and factory authorized to service and repair all Kinetico models. They can also assist you if you have any questions relating to your warranty. Use our online locator to find the contact information for your local Kinetico water specialist.

I own a Kinetico system now, can I get a copy of the owner's manual or more information from your website?

Please check our Customer Resources page, Legacy Products page, or contact our consumer services department by phone or email.

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