Frequently Asked Questions

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Doesn't soft water corrode piping?

No; this has been proven to be false. Hard water softened by ion exchange is not the same as naturally soft water. Naturally soft waters are often low in pH (acidic) or totally dissolved solids and can be naturally corrosive. See Kinetico’s range of commercial water softeners.

What size water treatment system do I need for my business?

There are many factors that determine the size and type of system that will best suit your business, such as water quality, existing plumbing and demand. Schedule a site survey and free water test with a Kinetico water expert today.

How is Kinetico different than other water treatment product manufacturers?

For more than 40 years, Kinetico has manufactured innovative, reliable, efficient water treatment systems and we’ve earned our place as an industry leader. By partnering with you to develop a solution tailored to your exact needs, we help you meet environmental regulations, exceed performance expectations and satisfy your demand for clean water. Contact Kinetico today to schedule a free water test, request a quote or ask us about our water treatment solutions.

My Kinetico water softener or treatment system needs service. Whom should I call for service and what will they need to know about my system?

If your Kinetico commercial water treatment equipment needs service, please contact us to locate an authorized Kinetico commercial service technician in your area. The service technician will likely ask you the following questions to diagnose what is happening with your softener: Is there salt in your brine tank?  Is your system in bypass mode? Is your softener taking longer than the normal to regenerate? Are you using substantially more or less salt than usual? Is your water pressure lower than usual? Is water leaking from the system? Has your incoming water quality changed since the Kinetico equipment was first installed?

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